7 thoughts on “Follow us on Bloglovin’!

    • crayonboxchronicles says:

      Hi Dalanak. Thank you! Welcome to blog-land! I cannot take credit for the template, it’s WordPress’. I change it up as much as they possibly allow. 😉 I just started to learn to write HTML code {very, very basic} so it’s so fun! Now there are endless possibilities! I love to craft, take photos, and design, so it’s a win win! I love your background image — super pretty! Any tips? I’m fairly new to WP myself. If possible, add the “follow me by email” widget to your side bar. Guest posting is great too. Helps cross traffic on blogs. It may help increase readership. Looks great!


      • dalanak says:

        Well thats great! I’m sure ill get the hang of it soon! Thanks for all of your tips and I think you have custimized your blog nicely! I actually am going to school for web design and I know html however php is another coding lang. I do not know much about. I will share if I find more about it out. As far as my background image goes I created it in Illistrator. I do graphic design as well. BUT! Something you could do is go online and find a pattern that you are fond of and place it as your background image on WP. The larger the image the better the result because it wont be so blurry and it will cover more and have less seems where the image repeats. Also It might help if you found a image that is mirrored enough/similar enough, on both sides so when the image repeats it does not look like the pattern is way off. Hope this helps, If that makes absolutly no sense at all, pick a pattern and apply it as background and make sure it repeats and you will see what I am talking about. lol. Hope this helps!


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