Fall Glitter Leaf Mobile

Glitter Leaf Mobile by Crayon Box Chronicles

[Contributor Post at Allfortheboys.com]

This week we’re exploring Fall with twigs, combs, and glue painting! Fall is my favorite time of year – beautiful foliage, apple-cider, and bold scents! I’ve been working on my twig mobile idea, well, for nine months, so after seeing the warm Fall glitter colors, it hit me – glitter leaf mobile! This quick, inexpensive, and fun art project for kids costs just $2! No time to make a mobile? The glitter leaves make a great art project too!  Inexpensive, fun, and sparkly!

For the full tutorial and fun sparkly photos, see Fall glitter leaf mobile at All For The Boys blog.

Glitter Leaf Mobilel by Crayon Box Chronicles

22 thoughts on “Fall Glitter Leaf Mobile

  1. CAHemmerich says:

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    If you’re feeling bold, and you’re ready to test out some of the glitter management techniques, here is a beautiful fall craft to use! Let me know how the glittering goes.


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