Raspberry Foam Dough Bunnies

Raspberry Foam Dough Bunny Invitation to Create and Play

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Today we’re creating raspberry foam dough bunnies using loose parts. Our invitation to create and play explores sensory, imaginative play, and build-a-bunny fun.  We’ve made snowman foam dough and shamrock foam dough in the past, but never scented. Can you tell we love foam dough play?!

Scented Foam Dough Recipe:

  • Cornstarch (US) Cornflour (UK), 14 oz
  • Raspberry Scented Shaving Cream, 10-14 oz
  • Bowl
  • Pink Food Coloring or Gel Icing
  • White & Pink Washable Paint & Brush (for ears – optional)

We scored our large can of raspberry shaving cream at our local 99¢ store. If you can’t find raspberry scented shaving cream, add raspberry candy flavoring or raspberry extract. The candy flavoring is also available at Michaels and the extract in most major grocery stores.

Materials for scented foam dough

How to Make Foam Dough:

Add a full bag of corn starch and 3/4 can of shaving cream.  Foam dough tends to dry-out quickly, so we reserved a little.  Next, add your pink food coloring, 10-15 drops or 2 small dollops if you’re using gel icing colors.

child mixing raspberry foam dough

Now, mix, mix, mix! Encourage your child to squish it through their fingers and knead it.   It’s great for sensory stimulation.  For this project, the foam dough was best more sticky-like because we’re molding it and adding decorations.

Loose Materials:

  • Pipe Cleaners (whiskers, mouth)
  • Buttons (nose)
  • Egg Carton Pieces (ears)
  • Cotton Balls (tail)
  • White Felt (teeth)
  • Ribbon (neck-tie)

Loose materials to make foam dough bunnies

Once your dough is ready, gather your craft supplies.  We used whatever we had in our craft and recycling bin.  There are lots of options for loose materials.

Recycked ears for foam dough bunnies

For the bunny ears we recycled egg carton pieces.  This is another fun art project for kids.  Using white tempura paint, cover the pieces, then add pink for the inside of the ears.

Rolling raspberry foam dough balls for bunny body

Roll the dough into balls to make the bodies.  When connecting the balls, add a little dab of shaving cream to help it stick together.  If it begins to dry-out, add the remaining 1/4 can of shaving cream.  Pack the balls really tight to get them to stay together.  It’s decorating time.

child adding pipe cleaner whiskers to raspberry foam dough bunny

He added the white pipe cleaner whiskers first, then the nose.  Did I mention how wonderful it smells?!

Child adding google eyes to raspberry foam dough bunny

He continued adding loose materials to create the bunny.  In preschool children learn about their face, so this is a fun activity to help them practice placement and identify parts.

Cotton ball tail on foam dough bunny

Lastly, add the neck-tie and cute fluffy cotton tail.

foam dough bunny art

Super cute, right?! Our easy to set-up Easter activity for kids is lots of fun and a wonderful sensory experience.

Raspberry Foam Dough Bunnies Activity for Easter

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16 thoughts on “Raspberry Foam Dough Bunnies

  1. Cerys @ Rainy Day Mum says:

    This looks brilliant – I have never made foam dough but I’m inspired and we will be giving it a go.

    Thank you for linking up to Tuesday Tots last week and just letting you know that I will be featuring this on Rainy Day Mum this week.


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