Colored Hay Sensory Bin

colored hay sensory bin

I’m super excited to be participating in the 40 Days of Sensory Bin Fillers series from Sarah of Little Bins for Little Hands.  There’s been so many fun fillers shared already.  We’re contributing hay, otherwise known as natural wood excelsior.  Our colored hay sensory bin is full of bright, fun sensory play materials.

My favorite part about hay is its ability to be easily manipulated and colored.  Yesterday we shared how to dye hay and today we’ll sculpt, roll, and stretch it in our easy to set-up sensory bin.  Be sure to link-up your hay or spring sensory bins below too.


  • Hay (Natural Wood Excelsior)
  • Coloring Hay Recipe
  • Colored Popsicle Sticks
  • Colored Pipe Cleaners
  • Bin
  • Glue (optional)

sculpting with colored hay

Once you’ve colored it, it’s time to play.  Simply add colored popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, and or anything fun from your craft bins.  With a few pipe cleaners, we’re going to sculpt the hay into beautiful butterflies and caterpillars for an easy spring craft.

colored hay sensory bin with pipe cleaners and pop sticks

We rolled the colored hay into balls to make a cute caterpillar.  We twisted the pipe cleaners together for a colorful effect.

There are lots of options for play:

  • make fun animals and insects for spring
  • create flowers with popsicle stick stems
  • design abstract art
  • roll hay into Easter eggs
  • add shapes or letters

No matter how you choose to play, it’s a sensational sensory experience.

pulling apart colored hay

It pulls, stretches, and creates a neat textured effect.

colored hay sensory sculpting

This was my favorite part—sculpting.  We created huge towers that intertwined all four colors.  Super fun spring sensory art, right?!

colored hay caterpillar for sensory play

Along with sensory play, we made a cute caterpillar inching on a vine.  Roll the colored hay into balls—wonderful tactile sensory experience—then add pipe cleaner antennas.  You can glue the balls, intertwine the hay, or make them interchangeable. Super easy caterpillar craft for kids, right?

colored hay butterfly in sensory bin

Our caterpillar needed a friend, so we made a colored hay butterfly too.  This is such a great sensory play activity and a fun spring art crafts for kids.

colored hay spring art sensory bin by crayon box chronicles

Colored hay is such a fun sensory play material.  Plus, it’s inexpensive, reusable, and a non-food play material.  It was so much fun dyeing it too.  I can’t wait to explore more spring crafts with our colored hay.  Looking for more sensory bin play?

Here’s a few of our favorite spring sensory activities:

Raspberry Foam Dough Bunnies

Raspberry Foam Dough Bunnies Activity for Easter Spring Insect Sensory Painting

Melting Insect Sensory Painting by Crayon Box Chronicles

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  1. Jill says:

    Ooh, I like the idea of using colored hay in a sensory bin!

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!


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