Hello, I’m Heather the writer and creator of Crayon Box Chronicles.  Before my mommy and blogging days, I was a Creative Director for an advertising agency.  After many years, I hung up my heels, long hours at the creative table, and pursued a career in window design and styling.  The Big Apple welcomed me with open arms where I cultivated my love for designing spaces and styling.  I still managed to keep those long hours though, but I was truly happy and doing what I love to do!  I love details and organizing! After seven years of designing spaces, fashion shows, and traveling the world it was time for a change.

Not too long after, I met my wonderful husband Nicholas. He’s super funny and a character too! He tolerates all my craziness, late nights of blogging, and passion to create new experiences for our son.  Although he teases me about Crayon Box Chronicles, I know he secretly loves it too.  Let’s meet the creative ball of light behind Crayon Box Chronicles!


Meet Little C! He’s my budding Paleontologist, who loves dinosaurs, sea life, and dancing. His animals are his world.  His imagination, curiosity, and his need for sensory stimulation drives me to create thoughtful learning experiences through creative play.  My little sensory seeker really enjoys small world play.

He’s our little kung-fu panda, so he thinks, and full of love and energy.  Funny thing is, he thinks he’s the Alpha of the house, but little does he know he’s still the Omega.  He’s my world! His imagination and passion to learn amazes me everyday! Through our daily lessons and play, I try to give him every opportunity to explore meaningful play.

Why the name Crayon Box Chronicles?

Well, as far back as I can remember, I was 5 and I loved Crayons! I recall creating fun crayon names and mixing colors to make new colors. “Bubba Blue” was my favorite! I love art and reading too.  I wanted to document his experiences, so Chronicles was born.  The name seemed fitting – Crayon Box Chronicles.  His brilliant imagination and characters he creates in his world continues to inspire me to create new and fun play-based learning activities.


Our Mission

I’m committing to providing him (you too) with quality play that helps with emotional development, communication, self-regulation, and sensory.  I will follow his lead, open up the lines of communication, and provide opportunities to stimulate emotional learning, two-way communication, and sensory processing.  We’ll work on fine motor skills and developing all those much-needed skills for preschool and kindergarten.  Let’s not forget the art! We’ll be exploring lots of messy process art and learning academics through creative play.  Finally, we’ll do it all on a budget, so lots of recycling.

I appreciate all your comments and shares. I try to keep my blog as positive and honest as possible. Thank you for reading.  I hope you join us in our journey.  So you don’t miss out on all the creative fun here, Subscribe to Crayon Box Chronicles by Email.

We’d love for you to follow us on FacebookPinterestTwitterGoggle+, and Bloglovin’ too where we share creative art crafts, explore open-ended activities, and engage in fun imaginative play!

I’d love to hear your feedback, comments, and questions.  Please feel free to contact me.


For information of private policy and disclosure, you’re welcome to read it here.

Always supervise during play and never leave children unattended.  Some of our activities involve small parts and are not appropriate for all ages. Please use your own discretion. Thank you.

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  1. danielawalsh says:

    Hello! I couldn’t find your email, but I love your blog. I was introduced from Crafts by Courtney. I have a blog called Put A Bird On It and would love if you’d be interested in guest posting! You can email me at {danieladavis17@gmail.com} to chat.

    Have a great day!

    Put A Bird On It


  2. Lisa Stover says:

    Heather – I am so proud of you sister!! What a fantastic site and way to share your talents and passions with the world! As Dr. Suess says “Kid, you’ll move mountains!” Cayden is a very lucky little boy! Love you!


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