Guest Post Guidelines

Are you interested in Guest posting on Crayon Box Chronicles? We’d love to connect with you! We’re always looking for new and creative kid-friendly ideas to share with our readers.

What type of content do readers at Crayon Box Chronicles enjoy?

  • Sensory Crafts and Activities, Kid Art Projects, Small World and Sensory Bins, Recycled Art Projects, Fine Motor Activities, Play Recipes, DIY Kid Games, Play-Based Learning Crafts.

How do I contact you and submit my idea?

Email your submission to with the following information:

  • Your name, blog name, and link to your blog
  • At least 5 high-quality photos (we encourage more) that you have taken.  We do not allow stock images, sponsored or review posts.  Images must be owned by you.
  • Your full post in HTML format.
  • Your social media links you’d like included in the post.
  • A short bio, 2-3 sentences of yourself and a small image of wither yourself or blog button approximately 150×150.
  • To increase click-backs and traffic to your site, include 3 links in your post that reference a previous activity that’s relevant to your current one.
  • Content must be original and not previously released on your blog, or another site.

What should I expect?

I will review your post and let you know within 3 days whether your submission has been accepted.  I will notify you when it will be released on Crayon Box Chronicles so you can plan accordingly.  I will include the following at the end of your post:

  • All your provided social media links, including a link back to your blog.
  • Your mini bio and image.
  • A few sentences complimenting your work (beginning and end of post).
  • 2-3 of my favorite posts you’ve shared on your blog.
  • I will clearly indicate in the opening paragraph that the post is contributed by you, with a link to your blog.

How will it be promoted?

  • I will share the post for 1 week over all my social media.
  • I will share the post on linky parties and some FB share days throughout the week.
  • I will pin it to my Pinterest blog board, then re-share it over collaborative boards over the next few weeks (if it’s not seasonal).
  • I will pin it to the top of my Facebook page until I release my next post (2-3 days).

I look forward to reading your submission!

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