Thanksgiving Books For Kids

20 Thanksgiving Books for Kids - Crayon Box Chronicles

Thanksgiving is a beautiful time of year to celebrate and give thanks with family and friends. This time of year—all year— helps us remember how important it is to give thanks and teach compassion and gratitude to our children.  Using books to help teach children is a wonderful, fun way to introduce the history of Thanksgiving and time-honored traditions.  Today’s Thanksgiving traditions differ greatly from the original 1621 harvest meal, but still, a feast indeed.  Continue reading

Turkey Tissue Paper by Number

Turkey Tissue Paper by Number by Crayon Box Chronicles

Gobble! Gobble! With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s a wonderful time to dig into our festive crafts. Today’s turkey tissue paper by number craft is simple, fun, and educational. All it takes is a few materials you probably have lying around your house and some holiday spirit. Remember color by numbers as a kid? Instead of painting, let’s add a fun twist – tissue paper and glue. From number recognition, to color sequencing, to all-around “glue-and-stick” fun – as my son calls it – it’s sure to be a memorable one. We love paper by number so much, we made a heart tissue paper by number craft too. Continue reading

Native American Small World – Teepee & Drum Craft

Native American Small World Play w/ DIY Teepee & Drum Craft

Today’s Native American small world focuses on different tribes, color symbolism, and general beliefs. We’re part Seminole, so this will also be an introduction to part of our heritage for Little C. We even took our indoor small world outdoors to our rock garden! Our sensory materials include water beads, sand, rocks, moss, plus a homemade drum craft and hand painted teepee made from sticks. Continue reading