Dinosaur Goo Game

Dinosaur I Spy Goo Game by Crayon Box Chronicles

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Can you find the Triceratops in the gooey-globby slime? Remember the green slime from Nickelodeon as a kid? Well, this is a clear version that stretches, pulls, and twists for sticky, gooey sensory fun! Let’s grab our magnifying glasses, put on our Paleontologists hats, and play the dinosaur goo name game! PBS Kids has fun dinosaur field guide cards with pictures and facts.  Click the link below and click print card for each double-sided flashcard that folds.  Rawr! Watch out for the slime-goo!

Materials Needed:

Dinosaur Goo Game @ by Crayon Box Chronicles

What’s Next:

Print out your free Dinosaur Field Guide Flash Cards.  C loves dinosaurs! I knew we’d get more use out of the flash cards if they were contained, so we cut them out but didn’t fold them.  Instead I added a hole punch, then organized them alphabetically, and added them to a  1 1/2″ Book Ring.  It’s easier to flip through them, plus they all stay together! These rings are awesome! I use them for organizing flash cards, days of the week calendar, and scrapbooking.

Making Dinosaur Goo by Crayon Box Chronicles

It’s GOO time!

  • Pour 1 cup clear glue in to bowl.
  • Add in the miniature dinosaurs.
  • Add 1 cup Sta Flo liquid starch to bowl.
  • Mix thoroughly with your hands!

If you want more, just double the recipe.  As with any dough, slime, or goo if it’s too lumpy add more starch and if it’s too thin add more glue.  It mixes up really fast! Once you’ve achieved your desired gooey-stretch, you’re ready to play!


Goo is great for sensory play and the name game helps build your child’s dino knowledge. Plus, who doesn’t love playing with a magnifying glass? That’s a great lesson too! Why do things seem bigger or smaller? I love the why’s!

Dinosaur Goo Game @ Crayon Box Chronicles

Match each dinosaur to your flash cards and read the fun facts together! Is it a biped or a quadruped? Is it a carnivore or an omnivore? Why does it have a horn?

dino goo

Investigate, ask questions, be silly, and explore gooey-slime sensory play together!

Dinosaur Stretchy Goo Game by Crayon Box Chronicles

Check out that goo stretch!

Dinosaur Goo Game with flash cards by Crayon Box Chronicles

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