Small World Play

Small world play helps children explore sensory and imaginative play.  Our small worlds are full of sensory materials, play recipes, imagination, and messy fun! Most of the materials used are up-cycle containers, recycled items found in nature, or Dollar store items.  Aside from the messy fun, we’ll explore crafts, learning letters and shapes, and interesting facts about animals, geography, science, and history. Join us as we venture to different parts of the world!

Animal Wash & Dry Station 

Animal Washing Station by Crayon Box Chronicles

Scrub a dub, dub! It’s animal washing time! This super simple animal water world sets up in a snap! Throw is some scrubbers, washcloths, bowls, and cups too!

Farm Small World & Barn Craft

Farm Small World by Crayon Box Chronicles

Little C had a farm, e-i-e-i-o! And on that farm he had a _______! Come play along with our barnyard friends and explore the big red barn, rolling hay barrels, the blue duck pond, and cock-a-doodle-doo’n roosters!  Keep your eye out for those wild cats, they’re sneaky!

Ocean Sensory Pool – Origami, Shapes, & Play


Ahoy! It’s a sensory play, origami, and shapes kind of day! We’re sharing our post over at Housing A Forest today! Let’s dive into the Big Blue O together and visit the sandy shores of the beach!  There’s lots of fun sea life to explore deep in the ocean! Watch out for those boats!

Rainforest Small World

Rainforest Small World by Crayon Box Chronicles

From red-eyed tree frogs to dangling spider monkeys, this wild small world is a rainforest delight! Come explore the Amazon River Basin!

Arctic Snow Dough Small World

Arctic Snow Dough Small World by Crayon Box Chronicles

Now, let’s get messy and explore The Arctic Circle in the North Pole.  Watch out for those icy snow marble balls, the super-slick snow tunnel, floating ice caps, blue dough ocean, and vowel flags! A, E, I, O, U and sometime Y — its vowel learning time!

Native American Small World with Teepee & Drum Craft

Native American Small World by Crayon Box Chronicles

Our sensory materials include water beads, sand, rocks, moss, plus a homemade drum craft and hand painted teepees made from sticks!

Antarctic Sensory Iceberg & Small World Play


Let’s venture to the south pole and visit the penguins, whales, and seals! Our DIY mini-slides and blue-icy waters are slippery fun!

Desert Moldable Sand Cloud Dough Small World 

Desert Modable Sand Small World by Crayon Box Chronicles

Whew! It’s hot on the African Sahara desert! Come explore rolling tumbleweeds, DIY cactus, and lots of sensory sand play!

Paper Mache Dinosaur Cave

Dinosaur Paper Mach Cave Small World Play by Crayon Box Chronicles

Let’s venture deep into the Mesozoic Era, the ‘Age of Reptiles,’ with ferocious dinosaurs and a rough, rock-like paper mache cave and tunnels.  Our dinosaur diorama explores the wild, prehistoric terrain of sensory materials and goopy homemade paper mache crafts for kids.

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