DIY Coffee Filter Sea Coral

Coffee filter sea coral by Crayon Box Chronicles

Coffee filters and tulle, who knew? You can dye them, string, crunch, glue, and tie them! I wanted to create something really vibrant that represented sea coral for C’s Under The Sea Birthday.  I found this great tutorial from Megan Makes on dying coffee filters.

My original thought was to use the filters to make our fish scale table runner, but after I finished dying them, they didn’t look right, too messy! Then it hit me – DIY sea coral!


  • dyed coffee filter, 3 pks. {Dollar store}
  • pipe cleaners
  • sturdy paper plates {I used 4 together}
  • brad poker {optional, but very helpful}
  • tulle
  • hot glue

What’s Next:

Coffee filter sea coral

1.  Dye filters and let them dry overnight.

Coffee filter sea coral

2. Once dried, separate them into piles.

3.  Poke a hole in the plate and string the pipe cleaner through, then twist in a circular motion to secure it on the bottom. You can secure with tape if needed.

making sea coral out of coffee filters4.  Start to string the coffee filters on, alternate colors. {Tip} As you layer, scrunch them, some tighter than others.  It gives your coral more dimension and elevation.

5.  Once you have finished stringing and scrunching, add a “flower” filter on top.  To make a flower filter, pinch and gather at one end and twist.  I used these on the ends of the pipe cleaners to finish the look and to fill gaps at the bottom of the paper plate.  Add a dbab of glue to secure it and poke it through the pipe cleaner.

6.  Cut any remaining length off the pipe cleaner. Be careful, its sharp! Next, bend it down so it’s not pointy on top.

Coffee filter sea coral

7. As a final touch, scrunch a piece of tulle, add a dab of glue, and secure it over the last filter {this will help hide the pipe cleaner nub}.  Finally, I dabbed hot glue on the bottom coffee filter to hide the paper plate.  Then I added 3 “flowers” on the remaining base of the paper plate to hide anything still showing.

Here are some final pictures:

How to make coffee filter sea coral by Crayon Box Chronicles

Coffee filter sea coral

how to make sea world out of coffee filters

sea coral

The crab invitations were so fun to make!  We made a few different origami sea creature invitations.

Underwater Scene

Under The Sea Decor by Crayon Box Chronicles

Here’s our underwater scene with Seaweedorigami sea creatures, and sea coral garland.  For the garland strings, I found this great tutorial on Pam Garrison’s blog.

Want to see more of our Under The Sea birthday party?

4 thoughts on “DIY Coffee Filter Sea Coral

  1. Tracey Mohler says:

    To clarify I think you mean tulle, not tool. Can be confusing, I was trying to find the correct tool to use.


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