Fall Tree Art

Easy Autumn Tree Art for Kids

We love to explore the process of painting using creative techniques. One of our favorite art projects in the past was creating a simple sensory painting using carpet squares.  We thought the same process would make beautiful, textured Fall tree art as well.  Best of all, carpet squares are free at Home Depot.  Continue reading

Melting Insect Sensory Painting

Spring Sensory Play Series by All Things Kids Bloggers

All Thing Kids bloggers are teaming up this month to bring you an exciting series on Spring Sensory Play.  Sugar Aunts shares a wonderful introduction post to stay connected with this months series Spring Sensory Playdate Activities.  Also, follow along with our All Things Kids Pinterest Board for lots of creative and educational activities for kids! Don’t forget to link up your ideas too at the end of the post!

Melting Insect Sensory Painting by Crayon Box Chronicles

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Spring is a time for growth, renewal, and new life.  Temperatures rise, flowers begin to bud, and the scent of crisp, cool rain fills the air.  As winter passes and things being to melt, the insects come out.  In celebration of springtime, we’re exploring process-based art today with melting insect sensory painting. Continue reading

DIY Yarn Pom Pom Drumstick Painting

I’m so excited to be a part of the Ultimate Guide to 50 Craft Materials brought to you by Craftulate.  She’s organized this wonderful series featuring 50 bloggers, each crafting with a different material.  Our ultimate guide to yarn features DIY yarn pom pom sticks for painting, drumming, or just plain ol’ fun! Don’t forget to link up your yarn posts at the bottom of the page.

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Yarn Pom Pom Drumstick Painting by Crayon Box Chronicles

Yarn is a long continuous length of interlocked fibres full of crafting fun! It’s so versatile – you can cut, tie, lace, stitch, weave, and glue it! In the past, we’ve explored yarn activities that focused on fine motor development, tracing letters, and lacing. Today we’ll drum to the beat of pom poms sticks and paint! Continue reading

Monster Truck Foil Painting

Monster Truck Foil Painting Racetrack by Crayon Box Chronicles

[Contributor post at Allfortheboys.com]

Vroom! Frightening McMean, Tormentor and I-Screamer rev up their car-crushing engines for foil painting fun! Today we’re building a monster truck racetrack out of cardboard, paper towel rolls, and aluminum foil.  We had so much fun playing with our monster truck sensory bin, so we thought we’d bring the trucks to the foil track! Rolling wheels, high-octane attitude and big, bold personality make monster truck painting fun!

→ Continue reading the full car-crushing activity, Monster Truck Foil Painting at All For The Boys blog.


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Fall Glitter Leaf Mobile

Glitter Leaf Mobile by Crayon Box Chronicles

[Contributor Post at Allfortheboys.com]

This week we’re exploring Fall with twigs, combs, and glue painting! Fall is my favorite time of year – beautiful foliage, apple-cider, and bold scents! I’ve been working on my twig mobile idea, well, for nine months, so after seeing the warm Fall glitter colors, it hit me – glitter leaf mobile! This quick, inexpensive, and fun art project for kids costs just $2! No time to make a mobile? The glitter leaves make a great art project too!  Inexpensive, fun, and sparkly!

For the full tutorial and fun sparkly photos, see Fall glitter leaf mobile at All For The Boys blog.

Glitter Leaf Mobilel by Crayon Box Chronicles

R is for Reptiles: 31 Days of ABCs

R is for Reptiles - Painting & Sensory Play by Crayon Box Chronicles

We are so thrilled to be participating in the 31 Days of ABCs series hosted by All Done Monkey! 31 different bloggers will feature a letter, showcasing fun activities related to their letter.  There are so many talented bloggers involved in this series to create an incredible resource for learning the alphabet! Also, each blogger will host a link-up for other bloggers to share their posts for the letter of the day! For even more ABC learning, follow the 31 Days of ABCs Pinterest board. Continue reading

Halloween Cookie Cutter Painting

Halloween Cookie Cutter Painting by Crayon Box Chronicles

[Contributor Post at Allfortheboys.com]

Bats and pumpkins, and ghosts that BOO, grab your cookie cutters and have fun too! Today’s were sharing our spooktacular Halloween activity at All For The Boys! It’s simple, budget-friendly, and takes less than 5 minutes to set-up — boo-riffic! Last week we experimented with pumpkin ice painting, learning the science behind freezing and melting.  It was messy science fun!

To see all the photos and spooktacular fun, see Halloween cookie cutter painting at All For The Boys blog.