Christmas Tree Tissue Paper Craft

Christmas tree tissue paper by number craft using addition for kids by Crayon Box Chronicles. #Christmas #mathactivity


Remember color by number as a kid? It was my go-to activity, so we’ve recreated it using tissue paper and mathematics. In the past, we’ve done turkey tissue paper by number and heart tissue paper by number crafts using simple numbers.  For our Christmas tree tissue paper by number craft, we’re making it more challenging by using addition. You can use addition, subtraction, multiplication, or simple numbers, depending on your child’s ability. Continue reading

Sticky Scented Rice Christmas Tree – Winter Sensory Play

Sensational Winter Sensory Play Series by Crayon Box Chronicles

Welcome to our last post in our Sensational Winter Sensory Play Series! I’m teaming up with the wonderful and super-talented Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails to bring you fun, sensory-related winter activities in November.  So far we’ve explored the Antarctic Sensory Iceberg with small world play and Build-A-Snowman Foam Dough play! Today, we’ll be making Scented Rice Sticky Christmas Tree.  We will be linking to each others posts, so please stop by Jaime’s page too! Links will be at the bottom of each post.  Now, let’s dive into our scented rice activity!

Sticky Scented Rice Christmas Tree Art by Crayon Box Chronicles

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