Animal Washing Station


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Scruba-dub-dub, its animal washing time! Bubbles, bubbles everywhere — fun! This budget-friendly bin is super easy to set-up and educational — lots of sensory play! Two of his favorite things are water and animals, so putting them together is a guaranteed hit in our house! Plus, his animals get a good cleaning.

Total cost = $0. Let’s break it down: a large container, plastic animals — we used Safari LTD Toobs Dinosaurs, Alligators, and Prehistoric Sharks; dish soap — we used Seventh Generation Lavender & Mint — doesn’t dry, smells great, plus no toxins; plastic bowls; scrub brushes, sponges, and anything else to make it fun! C added a ladle and a spoon too.



We have a face-off — Alligator and T-rex going at it underwater! Who’s the predator and who’s the prey, hmm? Little C had a 3 part cleaning system, “scrub, dunk, dry!” Plus, a lesson in washing, drying, and clean-up!


So detailed — way to go C! He definitely enjoys “dry time!” For more sensory play, see Amazon Rainforest.

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