Homemade Watercolor Chalk Spray

We love things homemade! So, let’s whip up a few batches of homemade chalk in spray bottles today! This watercolor-like version is fun, simple, and super crafty!

Materials Needed{per batch}

  • 1 tablespoon flour
  • 10-15 drops of food coloring
  • 1/2  cup warm water

What’s Next:



  1. Just add all the ingredients in a bottle, shake, and spray! It’s that simple! Below is {1} batch — made a small amount, so we did {3} batches per bottle.




{note} The chalk spray will stain clothes, carpets, and or anything that food coloring would typically stain.  As always with play, adult supervision is required.

For a brighter, thicker, more paint-like version, try this recipe I found at crust, crafts, and curriculum.

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Pom-Pom Caterpillars


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Caterpillars are too cute! This fun, simple craft will challenge your preschooler in color recognition, sequencing, and counting!


What’s Next:

  1. Run a line of white glue down one flat side of the clothes pin.
  2. Have your child carefully place their pom-poms in the line of glue to form their caterpillar. Discuss color recognition, color sequencing, and counting.
  3. Next, bend the pipe cleaner into a “V” shape to create the antennae. Insert the antennae between the first and second pom-pom, adding glue if necessary.
  4. Put two dots of glue where the eyes will go and put the eyes in place.
  5. Add the mouth using a black marker.
  6. Let the glue dry completely.

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Animal Washing Station


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Scruba-dub-dub, its animal washing time! Bubbles, bubbles everywhere — fun! This budget-friendly bin is super easy to set-up and educational — lots of sensory play! Two of his favorite things are water and animals, so putting them together is a guaranteed hit in our house! Plus, his animals get a good cleaning. Continue reading

Simple Muffin Crayons


I love recycled crayon crafts or maybe just crayons! Muffin crayons are a simple, fast craft that all ages can benefit from ― even better.  Of course, adult supervisor is required, especially with the little ones.  This is a parent and child activity.


  • crayon scraps, non-toxic only
  • muffin liners or cooking spray (we used liners)
  • muffin tin


1.  Preheat the oven to 275 degrees.

2.  Collect all your broken crayons, peel the remaining paper off, and sort the pieces by color.


3.  Break crayons into small pieces, roughly 1″ or shorter. (Tip: we did longer pieces and it wasn’t as swirled, so shorter is better.)

4.  Spray tin with cooking spray, this will give you a smoother finish, more “puck” like or line with cupcake wrappers. We uses liners, but as you see, the edges are rougher.


5.  Next divide your crayons into each muffin slot. (Tip: limit the color selection in each slot to 3 colors. Anything more than that will create an unattractive brown color.)

6.  Fill your muffin tin about 1/2 full, equivalent to four crayons per muffin tin.  We only did 2, so they are much thinner.

7.  Place the muffin tin in the oven for 5-8 minutes or until the crayons are completely melted. Watch closely, they melt fast.

8.  Take them out of the oven once melted (parent), then stir each tin with a toothpick to swirl the crayons.

9.  Let them cool completely in the pan, crayons will be extremely hot! Then turn the tin over and pop the new fun crayons out of the tin!


C loved them! Although he’s 3 and still tried to put them in his mouth, so be careful.


They do resemble cookies, well sort of, lol! 😉




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