How to Dye Hay

how to dye hay for sensory play

Today we’re demonstrating how to dye hay for sensory play and crafts.  It’s eco-friendly, inexpensive, and reusable.  Hay or natural wood excelsior is a filler generally used for decorating baskets or flower arrangements.  But, it’s also a wonderful non-food sensory material that sculpts, glues, and absorbs colors quickly and beautifully. Continue reading

Root Beer Vanilla Float Play Dough

Root Beer Vanilla Float Scented Play Dough

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Grab a barrel full of old-fashioned pop with the frothy, full-bodied textures of root beer and vanilla play dough! Remember A&W root beer floats as a kid? Today’s invitation to create with homemade scented play dough explores creamy textures, classic sensory play, and rich scented sweetness. Continue reading

Heart Tissue Paper by Number Craft

Heart Tissue Paper by Number Craft by Crayon Box Chronicles

Today’s learning activity for preschoolers is easy to set-up, fun, and educational.  Our heart tissue paper by number activity helps reinforce a child’s understanding of basic numbers, color matching, as well as improve fine motor skills.  All it takes to get started is a few basic materials you probably have lying around craft table + love! C really enjoyed our turkey tissue paper by number craft, so we thought we’d try it for Valentine’s Day too! Continue reading

Heart Sensory Collage

Heart Sensory Collage by Crayon Box Chronicles

Today’s heart sensory collage explores tactile sensations, cutting, and fine motor skills. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, this seemed like a great opportunity to create with red materials. This child-led activity give C a chance to explore materials he collected with minimal instruction from me. Continue reading

Best Small World Sensory Play Activities of 2013

Best Of 2013 Small World & Sensory Play Activities from Crayon Box Chronicles

Welcome to 2014 friends! It’s been a great year! Although we haven’t reached our one year blogiversary yet, there has been so much growth and excitement! Whether you’re just joining us or you’ve been with us throughout the year, we are so grateful.  Life is busy and we appreciate you taking the time to stop by and visit, comment, and share your experiences.  After a month off, we’re back with a fresh blog design and a new direction! I hope you like it! Continue reading

Concept Painting

Concept Sensory Painting by Crayon Box Chronicles (Contributor Post @ All For The Boys)

[Contributor Post at]

We’re so excited to announce our new collaboration with Allison at All For The Boys! We’ll be regularly sharing a variety of fun and educational posts on her blog.  As a new contributor, we’ll start with a series called Teaching Concepts.

The first in our series is pre number concepts, discussing the differences between big and small.  Understanding basic concepts helps strengthen a child’s vocabulary and builds early mathematical skills.  Instead of using traditional paper and pencil, we combined sensory materials with a fun twist – squishy toys and glowing neon paint!

For the full activity, see Concept Sensory Painting at All For The Boys blog.