Fall Tree Art

Easy Autumn Tree Art for Kids

We love to explore the process of painting using creative techniques. One of our favorite art projects in the past was creating a simple sensory painting using carpet squares.  We thought the same process would make beautiful, textured Fall tree art as well.  Best of all, carpet squares are free at Home Depot.  Continue reading


Paper Mache Crafts For Kids

Paper Mache Crafts for Kids

Papier Mâché, french for “chewed paper,” is an inexpensive, fun way for kids to create a variety of sculptures.  Here are some pretty crafty,  easy paper mache crafts for kids.  Oh, I added in our no-cook, kid-safe glue recipe too. Continue reading

Paper Mache Dinosaur Cave

Dinosaur Paper Mache Cave Small World Play by Crayon Box Chronicles

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Junior Paleontologists, let’s venture deep into the Mesozoic Era, the ‘Age of Reptiles,’ with ferocious dinosaurs and a rough, rock-like paper mache cave and tunnels. Our dinosaur diorama explores the wild, prehistoric terrain of sensory materials and homemade goopy glue. We’re building a dinosaur cave using recycled jars and lids, coffee cans, and our easy-to-make paper mache glue for kids.  Open your reptilian, ‘terrible lizard’ imaginations and join us for dino-mite discoveries. Continue reading


No-Cook Paper Mache Glue Recipe for Kids

Paper Mache Glue Recipe for Kids by Crayon Box Chronicles

Papier Mâché, french for “chewed paper,” is an inexpensive, fun way for kids to create sculptures.  This safe, easy-to-make paper mache recipe for kids uses just a few basic kitchen supplies and whips up in less than 2 minutes. Ripping paper provides sensory stimulation for kids as well as the cool, goopy textures of paper mache glue. We adore these paper mache crafts for kids. Continue reading


Kid-Made Origami Olympic Bracelets

Kid-Made Origami Olympic Bracelets for opening day by Crayon Box Chronicles

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It’s go time! Get your kid-official Olympic bracelets – just in time for the games! What’s your favorite color of the Olympic flag? Blue, yellow, black, green, or red? On opening day, February 7th, wear one or all five colors! Continue reading