Tie-Dye Butterfly


Let’s get craft today with coffee filters! As the filter dries you’ll be amazed — caterpillars aren’t the only thing that transforms.


  • coffee filters
  • markers
  • spray bottle (optional)
  • scissors
  • pipe cleaners
  • paper towels



1.  Cover your workspace completely, filter may bleed, especially if you’re using spray bottle.

2.  After gathering all your materials, lye filter flat and encourage your child to decorate it with markers.



3.  Next, wet the coffee filter using a spray bottle and let it dry on a piece of paper towel.  Watch what happens when you spray, colors will change and move.

DSC_0894 24.  Once dry, pinch tie-dyed filter in the center from top to bottom.


5.  Help your child cut a pipe cleaner in half, then starting at the end of the pipe cleaner, wrap it around the center of the scrunched filter, securing it tightly by twisting.  Continue to twist, leaving some length to create the curly body.


6.  Take a pencil and curl the remaining pipe cleaner, this will create the body (optional — photo at the bottom illustrates an easier version).


7.  Pull out pencil, add another small piece of a pipe cleaner, string through a loop and twist to make the antennas.  Finally, curl-in the point tips of the antennas.


Easier Version:


1.  Same process — cut pipe cleaner in half, wrap around center of scrunched filter, and leave ends loose for antennas.  Next, curl in ends — they’re pointy.  Another option is add a clothes pin.

2. Enjoy your butterflies!

Bonus Craft: Looking to create a beautiful mogul or name display? Suspend various butterfly with monofilament and hook (parent) at different lengths around your child’s name display in their room.  I did it with C, but with dragonflies — super easy and fun!

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