10 Cool Crayon Activities

Crayon activities and projects

Well, as you can imagine, we LOVE crayons.  Interestingly, we haven’t done a ton of crayon projects on the blog!  But, there are some pretty cool crayon activities for kids (adults too!) out there!

cool ways to play with crayons for kids

1 – First off, The Days The Crayons Quit is Baby Hope’s favorite book! This darling book and Paper Doll Crayons activity from Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails is so unique.   Plus, there are several free printables — bonus!

2 – You’ve got to see this amazing DIY Crayon Holder from Thrift Diving! They use the coolest materials to create this holder!

3 – Look at these sparkling Royal Gem Crayons from Sorting Sprinkles! Silicone molds are so fun to use with broken crayon bits, especially for holidays and DIY party gifts.

crayon ideas for kids

4 – Crayon Play Dough Recipe by Sugar Aunts.  The coolest! Nuf’ said.

5 – The Artful parent created these gorgeous Melted Crayon Rocks using a creative technique.

6 –  I can’t get enough of Sugar Aunts creativeness with crayons (she has even more on her blog!).  How fun is this super-rad Crayon Floam Dough?!

kids crayon activities

7 –  Growing A Jeweled Rose whips up some pretty fun, messy activities.  I just adore her Homemade Bath Crayons she created at Bath Activities for Kids.  You can even scent them with essential oils.

8 – Mess For Less crafts up a super creative, no-sew kids crayon roll for creative play.

9 – Wildflower Ramblings created Baby Safe Homemade Crayons from the most interesting ingredients — food! A must try for baby Hope when she’s a wee bit older!

dinosaur melted crayon art

10 – And lastly, Dinosaur Melted Crayon Art by us! My original vision for the blog was to create everything crayon, but my son just couldn’t get enough small world play!

Some pretty unique crayon ideas, eh?! What’s your favorite way to play with crayons? Do share.


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