15 Recycled Crafts and Activities

recycled crafts and activities for kids

I’m thrilled to be teaming up with All Thing Kids this month for our series on using recycled materials for play.  We’re sharing a round-up of our most creative recycled crafts and activities for kids.  For even more fun activities, check out All Things Kids Pinterest Board.

15+ recycled crafts and activities for kids

Recycling materials for crafts and activities is a great way to conserve and reuse for play projects.  It was a hard choice, but our #1 go-to recycled material is Baby O’s containers. They’re perfect for caves, tunnels, bridges, slides, ramps, vases, and more. We’ve cut, glued, painted, connected, and even paper mached them for projects.  Toilet paper and egg cartons are strong contenders too. Continue reading

Melting Insect Sensory Painting

Spring Sensory Play Series by All Things Kids Bloggers

All Thing Kids bloggers are teaming up this month to bring you an exciting series on Spring Sensory Play.  Sugar Aunts shares a wonderful introduction post to stay connected with this months series Spring Sensory Playdate Activities.  Also, follow along with our All Things Kids Pinterest Board for lots of creative and educational activities for kids! Don’t forget to link up your ideas too at the end of the post!

Melting Insect Sensory Painting by Crayon Box Chronicles

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Spring is a time for growth, renewal, and new life.  Temperatures rise, flowers begin to bud, and the scent of crisp, cool rain fills the air.  As winter passes and things being to melt, the insects come out.  In celebration of springtime, we’re exploring process-based art today with melting insect sensory painting. Continue reading

Alligator Affirmation Box – Showing Kids Love

Showing Kids Love Button 250

All Thing Kids bloggers are teaming up this month to bring you an exciting series on Showing Kids Love.  We’re each focusing on one of the 5 Love Languages – Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, Physical Touch, and ours – Words of Affirmation.  All Done Monkey shares a wonderful introduction post for our series this month, Showing Kids Love.

Alligator Affirmation Box - Showing Kids Love with Words of Encouragement by Crayon Box Chronicles

Words of affirmations are a language of love.  These positive loving affirmations serve as visual reminders to help children (adults too) focus on a particular purpose.  Giving children these powerful tools helps them build self-confidence, inner strength, and positive attitudes.  As their language develops, they’ll learn to use these affirmations in everyday life. To explore our love language, we’re making an affirmation box. It makes a creative, fun valentine box too. Continue reading

Winter Book & Craft: Snowy Paper Bag Tree

Welcome to Winter Books, A Craft and Activities Series.  I am so exciting to be working with the super-talented All Things Kids Moms to bring you winter books and related activities.  Frogs Snails & Puppy Dog TailsSugar AuntsFun-A-Day, All Done Monkey, House of Burke, and Mammas Like Me and myself are collaborating the first Monday of each month to bring you a new series.

For even more fun and educational activities, check out All Things Kids Pinterest Board.

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Winter Book & Craft: Snowy Paper Bag Tree Craft by Crayon Box Chronicles

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