Our Newest Addition Comes Home

Our Newest Addition Comes Home: Surviving the NICU

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I’d love to tell you that we were in the hospital for three short, painfully glorious days full of fragrant flowers, pictures, visitors, and so, but our stay was much different.  Sure, there were laughs, lifelong friendships were made, and many, many pictures were taken, except what we faced, what she endured, is unimaginable to most.  Continue reading

UCSF Fetal Treatment Diagnosis: Are We A Candidate for Tracheal Occlusion?

Savannah Hope's Journey

March 17, 2013

We arrived at UCSF Fetal Treatment Center on March 6, 2014 at 9:00 am.  Today was such an important day for us.  After receiving the life-threatening diagnosis from our ultrasound, we didn’t really have a lot of answers—mostly questions.  We knew the LHR, lung-to-head ratio was the most important factor in determining her current condition.  Ideally, we didn’t want to be a candidate, but we wanted a second opinion. Continue reading