Concept Sensory Bin

Concept Sensory Bin by Crayon Box Chronicles

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Psst! Have you heard the exciting news?! We’re a new contributor at All For The Boys! Last week we explored messy concept sensory paintingdiscussing the difference between big and small.  Understanding basic concepts helps strengthen a child’s vocabulary and builds early mathematical skills.  

Let’s dive back into our series today and discuss fun concepts — longest :: shortest, fill :: pour, full :: empty, and up :: down.  Today’s ultimate learning sensory bin is full of basic concepts, fine-motor activities, shapes, colors sequencing, and letters!  Aside from all the fun learning, we’ll experiment with our lacing lids we made last summer, measuring, and sensory play with bright teeny-tiny pasta!

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Mosaic Yarn Vase

Yarn Mosaic Vase by Crayon Box Chronicles

This is our fun twist on mosaic art ― yarn style! You can up-cylce just about any container, add some colorful yarn and gems, and you’ll have a beautiful kid-made vase! This fun craft will challenge those skills needed for pre-school ― fine motor, cutting, and gluing.

Materials Needed:

  • Plastic container (we up-cycled a Happy Tot’s O’s container)
  • Yarn in many colors and varieties
  • Scissors
  • White, non-toxic glue
  • Sequins or gems (optional)

What’s Next:

First we began by cutting the yarn into different lengths, using varying colors and textures. C loved this part! Next, create lines and patterns on the container with the glue and cover the glue lines with the yarn.  If the glue dries, add more as you go.  We used a lot of glue! Tip: It helps to wash your hands periodically to remove the glue. Also, using the point of something helps stop the yarn from sticking to your fingers.

Mosaic Yarn Vase by Crayon Box Chronicles

Continue creating swirls, hearts, lines, and more fun designs! Lots of fine motor practice for kids!

Mosaic Yarn Vase by Crayon Box Chronicles

For fun bling we added sequins and gems to help in shine! Set aside to dry.  C threw his arms up and said, “I’m done!” He lasted about 10 minutes, then we took a break and came back to it.  If I did it again, I’d choose a smaller canvas for my three year old.

Mosaic Yarn Vase by Crayon Box Chronicles

A good alternative to the yarn is sequins and gems — just glue and stick for a mosaic “tile” vase! You can use cardboard or a shoe box to make a picture or use the decorated container to collect and store things — lots of options!

Yarn Mosaic Vase by Crayon Box Chronicles

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