Part 1: Nature Hunt Egg Carton Painting

Good morning nature trackers! Feeling adventurous today? Let’s gather our supplies and create a color sorter from recycled egg cartons! You can collect different things from nature or even in your backyard like leaves, flower petals, rocks, pinecones, and sticks that match the colors in your carton. Plus, we’re recycling — bonus!  This activity provides an interactive, colorful way for your preschooler to practice color recognition!


  • Paper egg carton (half-dozen or full dozen)
  • Paint or markers in 6-12 different colors


  1. Paint, allow to dry, then go exploring! 
  2. Bonus Alert~ Stimulate your toddlers neurons with a color mixing lesson! Use primary colors redblue, and yellow, plus black and white to get all of the colors of the rainbow.


We painted our cartons at the park!


It’s hard to get a toddler, well Cayden anyways, to focus on color mixing when there is sliding, climbing, and swinging to be had, lol!  So, we did our color mixing exercise at home.



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