DIY Tutorial: Pearly Bite Cookies

Pearly Bites Cookies by Crayon Box Chronicles


  • Blue frosting
  • Small wafer cookies {Dollar Tree —regular wafers where to small and round}
  • Yogurt-covered raisins
  • White frosting
  • Brown food coloring

What’s Next:

  1. Mix up blue frosting.  Start with minimal dye, then add more if needed to achieve your desired color.  Then put aside a very small amount mix brown.
  2. Start with the bottom layer and add blue frosting {I used a flower tip} in a circular motion.
  3. Press a yogurt-covered raisin in the middle, but more towards the back; you’ll get better elevation. {Tip} Large isn’t as important as round, better elevation of mouth.
  4. Anchor the top cookie on the back edge of the frosting. {Tip} Be very gentle or frosting will squeeze out.
  5. Dab on white frosting eyes, then dab on brown frosting for the pupils.


{Thank you to my dear friend Madeline for helping me put them together.}

Want to see more of the party?

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