DIY Tutorial: Shark, Whale, & Fish Kabobs

Gummy Shark Skewers by Crayon Box Chronicles

Materials: {yields 8 kabobs}

  • Large wood skewers
  • Cello bags {Michaels, 2.99, bakery section}
  • Hemp rope
  • 1 1/4 pounds {total} of sharks, whales, and gummy fish {not swedish}
  • Party stuffing
  • Scissors
  • Mason jars

What’s Next:

  1. Slide the gummy candy down the skewer halfway, leaving enough room for tieing and display.
  2. Alternating candy. {shark, fish, whale, shark, fish, whale …}
  3. Make sure the last candy covers the pointy tip so nothing is sticking out —ooch for the kiddos!
  4. Slide them in to the cello bag, twist tightly at bottom, and tie with string.
  5. I added some color coordinating party stuffing {Hobby Lobby 3.99/bag} to mason jars.

{note}  I didn’t realize there are differences in candy fish land! Swedish fish are harder —gummy fish, like gummy bears, are better to usethey don’t crack.  Mine cracked the next morning, so opt for the gummy kind.  I purchased all the candy at Sweet Treats. My Inspiration.

Have fun!

Gummy Shark Skewers

Want to see more of the party?

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