DIY Tutorial: Fish Scale Table Runner

DIY Cupcake Table Runner


  • Baking cups {use any three colors that compliment your color scheme}
  • Large butcher paper {used my son’s art easel paper}
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

What’s Next:

  1. Start by flattening out your baking cups {Tip} Be careful with foil—rips very easily.
  2. Cut your baking cups in half
  3. Start from the bottom up and begin to glue your cups down in row using a pattern, overlapping them slightly {I did foil, green, blue, foil, green blue …}
  4. {Tip} I only glued the bottom section of the cups.  Maintain the same pattern throughout the entire project if you end with foil, as I did— start with green on the next row.
  5. At the end I cut off my starting point so it was straight.


I love how it all came together! Final tablescape kids seating


So simple and fun! It really “shinned” like fish scales! It complimented the origami food labels and the aquarium name labels too! Watch out turtles, the boats are coming! Don’t forget your party hats!


Cupcake wrapper blog that inspired me.

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