DIY Tutorial: Octopus Ring Pops



  • ring pops {Dollar Tree, 2 packages}
  • felt
  • pipe cleaners {4 per octopus}
  • googly eyes
  • hot glue
  • rubber bands
  • pencil
  • scissors


What’s Next:

  1. Cut only the bottom half of the wrapper— keep the top wrapped.  To be sanitary, hold the pop with the wrapper wile cutting.IMG_2211
  2. Next, add a rubber band to secure the cut end around the ring pop above the base.IMG_2214
  3. Cut felt into small 2×2 squares and wrap the ring pop.  You will need to play with the fabric to get it to lay right. {Tip} Once the rubber band is secured, trim the excess felt if needed makes it easier to wrap the legs. But, try not to cut it too short or the felt will slip through making it harder to cover the packaging with the legs. Trust me, it get’s easier as you go! 😉IMG_2218
  4. Next, secure pipe cleaner vert tightly around the base of the pop {above black base}. Continue to do this for a total of 4 times {4 pipe cleaners=8 legs}. I ran out of space on my styrofoam, so I only used 3 pipe cleaners, for a total of 6 legs.
  5. Next, fold down tips super sharp!!IMG_2224
  6. Next, curl legs to resemble the octopus {Tip} I used a pencil to get a nice curl.IMG_2226
  7. Finally, dab some hot glue on the felt and add the goggly-eyes. I wrapped Styrofoam {Hobby Lobby, 2.99} with coordinating wrapping paper {Target} and pushed pops down into the foam. To complete the look — Boat Food Labels, Jell-O Aquariums, Fish Bait Pails, Pearly Bite Cookies.


Want to see more of the party?

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