Jr. Scuba Favors, Baby Scuba Favors, & Aquarium Name Tags

Party Favors Under The Sea Party by Crayon Box Chronicles


  • Fish paint craft {Michaels, 1.00 each wood craft section}
  • Tool {Hobby Lobby, 1.79 yd}
  • Hemp rope
  • 2″ circle punch
  • Heavy white card stock paper, 65 lbs.

What’s Next:

  1. Unwrap the fish craft from packaging.
  2. Cut 8×8 squares of the tool.
  3. Place brush down first, than fish, then paint on top place it diagonally on the tool.
  4. Fold up sides under and secure with rubber band.
  5. Add rope {you can leave rubber band or cutI cut it}.
  6. I printed text on computer, then punched the circles. {Tip} I recommend downloading a 2″ circle template in Word as a guide.
  7. Punch out, add hole punch at top, string through, and tie.

Baby SCUBA Favors


I bought them pre-done from Target $1 bins {clearance .30}. I added the same tags as above with hemp rope.  For the base I used a picture frame {glass taken out} turned upside down add shredded party paper.

Aquarium Name Tags



  • Sea animals {Dollar Tree}
  • Glycerin {Michaels}
  • Glitter {blue and silver}
  • Water
  • Hot glue
  • Hemp rope
  • Name label
  • Gold acrylic spray paint
  • Baby food jars, stage 2

What’s Next:

  1. Start with clean baby food jars.
  2. Throw in your sea creature.
  3. Add a dash of glitter, glycerin, doesn’t take much, and blue water. {Tip} Pre-color your water or it may be too dark.
  4. Line the inside lid with hot glue a lot of it push on.
  5. I pre-sprayed the lids with spray paint to cover up the writing.
  6. I printed out the kids names on white paper, punched them out, and glued them on for table seating.

Shake away! The kids loved these!


Want to see more of the party?

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