Ruffled Streamers


These streamers were so much fun to make—talk about manipulating paper! It’s eco-friendly, inexpensive, and re-usable! Plus, I love to sew, so it’s a win, win. My inspiration was the ocean.  The blue paper represents the waves in the ocean and the white garland was an accent.  I used the blue streamers as my backdrop for my dessert and favor tablescape.



The floating seaweed was super fun! I chose two different tones of green to add more color and dimension. Here’s a great tutorial to make the streamers.  As an added detail, bubbles were floating as the guests entered through the seaweed.  Seaweed was used throughout the doorways Under The Sea!


As you entered Under The Sea, the first stop was Little Fisherman’s Corner — floating seaweed, buckets to make a mix, origami fish birthday sign, and lots more fun!


Want to see more of the party?

2 thoughts on “Ruffled Streamers

  1. dale fletcher says:

    i’ve tried ruffling crepe paper many times with different tensions on the sewing machine and it does not work… any other suggestions?


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