Coffee Can Marble Painting

Age 3+

Let’s get creative today! Dig into your recycled box, grab those old coffee cans, cardboard boxes, marbles, golf balls, or anything that rolls, and let’s paint! Preschoolers will discover abstract art with this simple, fun craft.

Age 1+

Let’s modify it for younger babies. Use edible finger paint and larger items such as bigger balls or blocks instead of marbles.  Place paper directly on their high chair tray and let them “paint” with balls and blocks.  It’s a great sensory experience. No need to worry about them eating it, it’s toxic-free and edible! Of course, common sense still needs to be applied – always supervise your child during craft time.

Materials Needed:

  • Coffee Can, Box, or Tray
  • Marbles, golf balls, ping-pong balls (any kind of round rolling objects.)
  • Construction paper (cut to fit inside of can)
  • Paint (tempera slightly thinned)
  • Eye dropper
  • Scissors
  • Bowl of water
  • Tape


What’s Next:

  1. Cut paper to fit around inside of can or box. Tip: I used a small piece of tape in the coffee can to help secure it.DSC_0931
  2. I made a make-shift holder by flipping up the bottom tabs of the box then half-fold them down so it acts as a “clip” for the paper.  Then you lift the flap up and pull out the paper.
  3. Squeeze a very small amount of paint directly onto the paper or into the can (bottom part).  Limit number of colors to 2 or 3.
  4. Another option: pour paint into separate bowls, place a marble in the each color, dig out with a spoon or finger,  and place in box or can.  This will result in thinner lines, less globs of paint.)  DSC_0972
  5. Drop in marbles or balls.  Replace lid.DSC_0969
  6. Roll on the floor or in hands in a circular motion to distribute paint (C loved this part).
  7. Remove finished painting to dry.
  8. Here’s the box method — drop marbles, paint, and roll!


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