Shapes Bubble Wrap Painting

Shapes Bubble Wrap Painting by Crayon Box Chronicles

Pop, pop, pop! Let’s paint with bubble wrap today! This activity makes learning shapes fun! Plus, a quick lesson is color recognition, tracing, and cutting! Not only is it fun, but its a great sensory experience too.  This would make a super fun Valentines Day craft too – heart bubble wrap painted cards.

Materials Needed:

  • Bubble wrap, small bubbles
  • Scissors
  • Paint trays
  • Non toxic, tempera paint
  • Newspaper
  • shapes_template
  • black marker
  • glitter (optional)

What’s Next:

First, print out shapes_template from our hidden shapes sensory tray activity.  Depending on your child’s ability, have them cut out the shapes.  For us, C held his kid scissors, but I did the cutting.

Shapes Bubble Wrap Painting @ Crayon Box Chronicles

Next, arrange the cut-out shapes on your bubble wrap, bubble side down.  Depending on your child’s ability, trace the shapes with a black marker.  Next, cut the shapes out (I used adult scissors).  We added a heart too.   Once you’re all cut ask your child to match the shapes together (shh, quick lesson)! 🙂  Now it’s time to paint! Set up paint trays.  We use dollar store baking pans; they work great and they’re re-usable.

Shapes Bubble Wrap Painting by Crayon Box Chronicles

Tape down your paper, dip, and paint.  It’s simple, fun, and educational!

Shapes Bubble Wrap Painting by Crayon Box Chronicles

Initially, we planned on doing a 4th of July theme with red, white, and blue, but it didn’t work well.  So, I scratched the white and added in the green and yellow (not pictured).  Time for sparkle! Add glitter and set aside to dry!

 Shapes Bubble Wrap Painting by Crayon Box Chronicles

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9 thoughts on “Shapes Bubble Wrap Painting

  1. roylcoblog says:

    I love how distinct the bubble wrap patterns are. They’re surprisingly vivid enough to make out! Sometimes the patterns off everyday items come out “barely there” if you get my meaning! Great job with this. 🙂


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