How to Make Mason Jar Cups

Mason Jar Cup Tutorial by Crayon Box Chronicles

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Mason Jars cups are reusable and great for kids and adults! Reuseable mason jar cups are perfect for enjoying a fresh cup of lemonade on a hot summer day!!  There’s two methods included, both metal lid and plastic lid cups.


Mason Jar Cup Tutorial @ Crayon Box Chronicles

I purchased the grommets from Lowe’s {in-store} and Gardner Brand {}.  I prefer the Amazon Gardner Bender 1/4-Inch Hole Grommets, 6-Pack brand – a bit thicker, large quantity, and better price.  Home Depot didn’t have any in this size.

What’s Next:

Mason Jar Cup Tutorial @ Crayon Box Chronicles

1.  Unscrew your jars.  You can pre-clean the jars or wait until the end and clean everything together.  I pre-soaked the grommets, but waited until the end to clean everything else.  Use 3/8′ bit and drill through lid.  Note: My hole is not a clean-cut.  I only had a 1/4″ bit on-hand, so I drilled through, then made the hole slightly larger to fit 3/8′ size – later I got the right bit and corrected the holes.

Mason Jar Cup Tutorial @ Crayon Box Chronicles

2.  Next, file the hole to remove any sharp jagged pieces.

Mason Jar Cup Tutorial @ Crayon Box Chronicles

3.  Be very careful! The hole is sharp! Oops! I’m ok! 🙂

Mason Jar Cup Tutorial @ Crayon Box Chronicles

Mason Jar Cup Tutorial @ Crayon Box Chronicles

4.   Slide the grommet in and work-it through the hole.  As you wiggle in, turn the lid carefully and push it in with your nail.  Repeat motion until it pops in.  This takes a bit of patience. {Tip} Don’t use anything to pull it through, they rip easily – soap and water helped.  Once I got a 3/8″ bit, it popped right in like a charm!

Mason Jar Cup Tutorial @ Crayon Box Chronicles

5.  Be sure to wash the cups, lids, and grommets really well to remove any shavings and dirt! I soaked the grommets in dish soap beforehand to give them a good cleaning.  There you have it – How to Make mason Jar Cups! They come in all different sizes too, so kids and adults can enjoy!

Things I learned along the way:

  • Don’t apply to much pressure to the outside of the lid or it will bend in half.
  • Don’t use needle-nose pliers to pull the grommet through, it rips easily.
  • Be careful the hole is very sharp.
  • The lids will eventually rust, so a great alternative is plastic lids!

4/19 UPDATEMason Jar Plastic Lid Cups

We chose to go with the plastic lids.  Our cups used every day rusted in two weeks.  Same process, just different lids.  We purchased Plastic Regular Mouth Jar Storage Caps Set of 8 on Amazon.

Mason Jar Plastic Lid Cup Tutorial for kids and adults by Crayon Box Chronicles

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