Fall Tree Art

Easy Autumn Tree Art for Kids

We love to explore the process of painting using creative techniques. One of our favorite art projects in the past was creating a simple sensory painting using carpet squares.  We thought the same process would make beautiful, textured Fall tree art as well.  Best of all, carpet squares are free at Home Depot. 

You’ll need the following  materials: (affiliate links)

Carpet Square Fall Tree Art

First, cut your carpet squares into quarters for smaller art, leave whole for bigger art. Keep the carpet scraps too. Ha ha, photo bomb! As you can see, little hands are eager to play.

Brown Paper Bag Art Using Carpet Squares

Using a brown paper lunch bag, simply twist your bag from the bottom up, leaving a few inches at the top for your branches. Make 4-5 small cuts at the top and twist your smaller branches. Glue the bag to the paper. For more detailed instructions on the bag, see our tutorial on creating twisted brown bag art.

Squeeze the paint into bowls, dip, and paint. Sit back and watch your child explore.

Autumn Tree Art Using Carpet Square Samples

Simple, beautiful textures prints. Continue around the tree branches until you’re finished.

Fall Textured Tree Art With Carpet Squares

Beautiful, easy-to set up art activity for preschoolers.

Fall Texture Tree Using Carpet Squares

As a final touch, take the carpet hair scraps and use them for grass.  Simply, drop into a bowl, add green paint, and let dry.

Fall Tree Art Using Carpet Squares

Simple, recycled grass from scraps.  We love recycled crafts for kids.

Fall Textured Art Using Carpet Squares

Painting with carpet squares is easy, practically free, and lot of fun for kids!

Fall Textured Tree Art for Kids Using Carpet Samples

Here are a few creative Fall activities for kids:

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